Gwen Turner sat nervously while she waited for Miss Alden to read her resume'. "Hmmm," she hummed while flipping the pages slowly, stopping now and then to take some notes that she scribbled on a yellow legal notepad on her desk. When she was finished she closed the resume', removed her reading glasses, leaned back in her chair and asked, "Why do you want to work for Mr. Valentine, Miss Turner? Gwen had experienced enough job interviews to know when you could and couldn't bs someone, and April Alden didn't seem to be the kind that would fall for any half ass story, so she decided to tell the truth. "For the money ma'am," she replied quickly, I need to make some money, and this pays far more than anything else I could find!" "A reasonable answer," replied Miss Alden, "but are you aware of, how shall I say this, the extent of your duties!?!" Looking a little flustered, Gwen stammered, "Well, ma'am, I heard that if you work for Mr. Valentine, that you have to have sex with him!!!" There, it was out in the open, now Gwen just sat back and waited to see what Miss Alden had to say about that!!! "You are partially correct, but it goes much farther than that, I'm afraid," Miss Alden continued, "you see, if you go to work for Mr. Valentine, while you are on duty, you will be expected to be naked every minute, and that you will be at the beck and call of not only Mr. Valentine, but anyone else he sees fit to also have you!!!" Gwen let that sink in for a minute, as that last part about "anyone else he sees fit" was a little bit of a surprise to her! As she gathered her thoughts, April Alden seemed to read her mind, because she interjected, "If you are worried that he will sic some pig on you for his entertainment, don't, Mr. Valentine wants all of his employees to be happy and comfortable, and making you perform with someone that was unappealing or gross would not be in keeping with his modus operandi!!!" Gwen was grateful to hear that, and noticeably relaxed and let April Alden continue with her orientation. "Now, as you mentioned the pay is very good," April went on, "and very good is not good enough description to describe it!!!" You will be paid one hundred dollars for every hour you are on duty and you will usually work at least eight hours a day, not bad for mostly just showing off your body, are you still interested in going on," asked April?!? "Yes," replied Gwen, "very interested, what's the next step?!?"

"As you might remember from the ad, Mr. Valentine has very particular parameters his girls must meet," April intoned, "and you seem to fill the bill except for the one thing we haven't check on yet, if you are extremely hirsute in the vaginal area!?!" Gwen was embarrassed to hear that kind of talk, especially about her, but she figured she had better get used to it, so she answered forcefully, "I'm very hairy, more than anyone I've ever seen!!!" "Good," replied April, "let's have a look just to be sure, okay!?!" Gwen stood up, unzipped her skirt, and shoved down her white cotton panties, exposing her naked crotch to April Alden's eyes. "Come here, dear," ordered April, "let me have a better look!" Gwen walked around to the other side of the desk and stood directly in front of her interviewer, opening her legs slightly to give April a better view. Gwen's dark hair pie looked thick and lush as it spread from her asshole into a large vee above her crack, finally becoming a thin line of hair that trailed up to her navel. "Very nice," murmured April, "very nice indeed!!!" Taking her hand, April ran her fingers through the lush fur, stopping when her index found her damp crack, slowly prying her way in until she found Gwen's erect clitoris and then commenting, "That's a very good sign, you have a very responsive vagina, I take it you have no trouble achieving orgasm???" "Oh no, ma'am, no trouble at all," Gwen gushed, "I can cum at the drop of a hat!" While they were talking, April kept up a steady pressure on her clit, and Gwen found it harder and harder to keep up with the conversation! With her hips now pressing into April's hand, Gwen was breathing more shallowly, and her need for relief was now becoming critical! "Baby need to climax," asked April in a little baby's voice, while all the time flicking over Gwen's little erection!?! "Oh my," moaned Gwen, "p-p-please finish me off, I can't take much more of this!!!" "I will dear," April replied sweetly, "but you have to do something for me first!!!" "Jesus christ, just name it," Gwen begged, "anything, just please, get me off!!!

April removed her hand and leaned back in her chair, and after slowly lifting her own skirt, revealed a pussy even hairier than her own!!! "On your knees and eat," ordered April, while pointing at her dripping snatch!!! Now in a state of sexual delirium, and with her head spinning, Gwen dropped to her knees, and in one fell swoop, buried her face in the luxuriant mass of female fur!!! Her tongue shot out, probing through the thick mat of hair, in search of the love button at the head of April's crack, and when positive contact was achieved, April's body spasmed slightly as her clit was attacked by the roving tongue! Relentless!!! That is how you would describe the ferocity of the work over Gwen gave April's pussy!!! She bored in like a drilling machine, forcing everything out of its way until it had totally engulfed the little erect organ standing alone as guardian of April's pussy!!! The orgasm that tore through her, and the resulting scream that escaped her lips, brought the secretary in from the outer office to make sure everything was okay!!! While she was finishing off April, Gwen reached down and diddled herself to orgasm, being too excited to wait and let April do her!!!

The Valentine complex was truly amazing, with one part offices, another part huge Southern California mansion, and finally a gigantic pool and recreational area complete with horses and all sorts of motor vehicles to play on!!! Gwen was given a locker in the women's shower area, and was told to remove her clothes and head out by the pool. Gingerly she peeked out of the doorway that led to the pool and veranda, feeling a bit conspicuous to walking around a strange new setting in the nude!!! She was just about to make her move when a voice from behind startled her! "Hi, my name's Audra, what's yours!?!" Gwen spun around only to be standing face to face with another naked young women!!! "Uh, I'm Gwen, it's my first day," she stammered, trying hard not to stare at the hairy pussy that grew wildly from the young blonde's cunt! Audra had a fresh wholesome look about her, and she quickly took Gwen by the arm and ordered, "Follow me, I'll show you around and go over the ropes with you!" Just happy that she didn't have to make a solo entrance, Gwen gladly let Audra lead her out to the pool area, and as they approached it, Audra announced loudly, "We have a new girl with us today, her name's Gwen, so let's make her feel welcome!!!" The seven or eight other naked girls who were lounging around the pool all mumbled hello and how-are- you's, and then went back to working on their tans. Audra and Gwen found a couple of empty lounge chairs, and lay down and soaked up the sun while Gwen asked softly, "How long have you worked here," not wanting the other girls to hear her conversation? "About six months or so," replied Audra! "Do you like it here," asked Gwen, "I mean having sex an all in front of other people!?!" Audra laughed and replied, "After awhile you don't even notice anyone else is around, and the money is fabulous!!!" "Is it true what April said about not having to do anyone that is, you know, repulsive," Gwen pressed on?!?" "Yeah, pretty much," Audra shot back, "but you know how it is, one girl's repulsive is anothers prince charming!" "That's true," Gwen said slowly, "I guess I'll just have to roll with the punches!!!"

After a few minutes of quiet, Gwen slipped into a deep sleep and was roused awake by a male voice that said, "Hi, my name's Harold Valentine, but you can call me Hal!!!" Still half asleep, Gwen instinctively knew that this was an important moment in her career, so she when she opened her eyes she gave Hal Valentine a bright smile, extended her hand, and replied, "Nice to meet you Hal, my name's Gwen!!!" Hal Valentine took her by the hand and shook it with a firm grip and said, "Why not join me in the pool, you look like you could use a cooling off, you're a little burned!!!" Gwen hopped out of her chair and Hal Valentine led her to the pool edge, where he dropped his robe, dove into the water, surfaced, and yelled, "Come on in, the water's fine!!!" Gwen dove in after him, and soon the two of them were laughing and cavorting all over the place! It really was just as Audra had said, after a while you don't even notice anyone else, and when Hal cornered her at the far end of the pool and slipped inside of her with his thick pecker, she simply melted into his arms and let him have his way with her! The warm sun, cool water, and big cock were having a profound affect on Gwen's hairy pussy, and when Hal whispered in her ear that he loved women with thick bushes, well it was too much too fast, and a jolting climax pounded through her full wet cunt! Forgetting where she was for a moment, she let out a low loud moan that caught the attention of the other girls, so when Hal was finished his orgasm and the two of them were paddling back to the other end of the pool, Gwen was greeted with a chorus of clapping and cheering from her compatriots! She turned a deep shade of bright crimson, but inside she felt that now she was one of the girls!!!

Gwen joined her fellow sunbathers back at pool side on one of the lounge chairs, while Hal hopped out of the water and sat down at a pool side table and started going over some business correspondence his secretary had left out for him while every so often he would steal glance at the eight young naked women lying not more than twenty feet away from him. His thick cock twitched with each glance, and a within a few minutes he was fully aroused and ready for action! He stood up and paced in front of the women, while slowly fisting his hard pecker. Gwen had heard the term "alpha male", but never until this very minute did she understand its significance! Standing in front of her was one of the richest men in the world, and all at once she knew she world do almost anything to curry his favor!!! She reached down to her vagina and began lewdly fingering her hairy slit, trying desperately to gain his attention, and as she glanced over at the other girls, she was surprised to find that each and everyone of them was finger fucking herself in the hope of impressing the boss! With a motion of his hand, Hal indicated for a buxom blonde girl to get to her feet, and after she was standing next to him, he whispered something in her ear that made her smile! A second later, a very surprised Gwen felt the hot breath of the blonde on her dripping cunt!!! Hal Valentine had ordered the big titted bitch to eat her out!!! The hot sun had made all of the girls sweaty, and the blonde's chest slid over Gwen's belly up to her own boobs, whereupon the blonde kissed her deeply, grinding her tits hard into Gwen's! As with all of the girls, the blonde was as hairy as Gwen, and the two girls tried to maneuver their muffs so that their clits would make contact with each others! When they got it just right, both Gwen and the blonde stiffened as their cunts were pummeled by shattering orgasms while loud groans filled the pool side air as each and every one of the women climaxed hard trying to impress the boss!

Later that evening, while resting in her room, she heard a knock on the door. When she opened it, April was standing there with a bouquet of flowers, "From the boss, he was very impressed!!!" Gwen took the flowers and replied, "Thanks, I'll be his hairy slut any day!!!

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