Blair Hutton wiped the sweat from her shaking hands and gingerly reached for the doorbell. She knew that what she was about to do was risky at best, and dangerous at the worst. Only yesterday morning she had been looking at the classifieds in the local under ground newspaper when her eye caught an intriguing ad, "Wanted, attractive woman to service me orally while my wife watches and maybe participates. All the oral sex you can handle. If interested, contact Eric at 555-3999." Immediately upon reading the ad, Blair's pussy began creaming her tight lace panties, her clit quickly coming to full throb! After a fast masturbation session, she dialed the number and made arrangements with a man named Eric to meet him the following afternoon at his home on the north side of town. Eric had given her only one requirement, that being that she was to wear a skirt and blouse with no panties. She had started to ask why, but thought better of it, and agreed to meet Eric sans her panties.

Now here she was, standing on his front stoop, and wondering if she had made a big mistake coming here! When she finally rang the buzzer, the door swung open and she was greeted by a very attractive blonde of about twenty five or so, probably about five years younger than herself. "You must be Blair," the blonde said excitedly, "come on in, my name is Vera, glad to meet you!" She ushered Blair into the study where a dark haired man of about forty was sitting at a desk doing paper work. Not even lifting his eyes in acknowledgment, he softly informed the two women that he would be with them in a moment, while tone of his voice let it be known that he didn't wish to be disturbed until he finished what he was doing. The aura that Eric exuded, his forceful yet quiet manner, made Blair's cunt grow damp, leaving a trail of juice along the length of her crack. She was definitely a submissive, and she got the distinct impression that Eric would be a stern taskmaster! Finally looking up from his ledgers, he gave Blair a once over that made her whole body shiver! Standing up and walking around the desk, he extended his hand and said, "I'm Eric, and you've already met my wife, Vera." "Isn't she just perfect," cooed Vera, "I'll bet she's wet already!!!" Eric just chuckled and then asked, "Well, Blair, are you wet yet!?!" Blair, not still sure about what her place was, just slowly nodded her head in the affirmative. Vera, practically jumping up and down like a five year old, begged Eric to let her have it first. He sighed, shook his head, and then gave her his permission. Vera dropped to her knees in front of Blair and slowly lifted her pleated skirt above her waist exposing her now dripping slit to both strangers. "Oh god, Eric," Vera moaned, "she has a lovely pussy, she has her lips shaved smooth, just like a baby's!!!" That was the last thing that Vera said, because an instant later her tongue was boring into Blair's bulging vaginal lips.

As soon as the tip of Vera's tongue snapped across her clit, Blair made an audible gasp as her wet pussy drooled cunt juice all over Vera's face. Blair was caught in a vortex of sexual excitement that was about to sweep her to a thunderous climax, but out of nowhere she heard Eric's soft but stern voice order Vera to cease her oral activity at once. Like a well trained dog, Vera immediately stopped sucking and reluctantly pulled her mouth from Blair's now burning pussy. "Come over here, Blair," Eric ordered, "and be quick about it!" Blair's skirt fell back into place and she hurriedly made her way over to Eric where stood before him with her head down, awaiting further instructions. "Why have you come here today, Blair," he asked softly? "So I could suck your hard penis," she answered with her head still bowed. "Are you ready to serve me now," he asked? "Yes, master, I am ready to be of your service," she replied! "On your knees," he said firmly, "and take it out, now!!!" Blair sunk to the plush carpeted floor, and reached out to unzip Eric's pants, her hands shaking slightly from the adrenaline that was rushing through her body! She slipped her hand inside of his trousers encountered an extremely hard penis that was straining to release itself from its cloth prison. With some difficulty, Blair maneuvered the big member out into the open air where it stood proudly at attention, pointing directly at Blair's hungry mouth! "What do you want, bitch," Eric asked harshly!?! "Oh, god," she practically begged, "please let me suck now!!!" Now teasing her unmercifully, he asked, "I don't know, do you think you deserve too???" "Oh, yes, master, I know I can make you happy," she pleaded, "just let me taste it a little!!!" A drop of precum hung from the head of the massive pecker, and before Eric had given his permission, her tongue snaked out and licked the big head clean! He immediately pulled back out of her range and threatened to send her away if she tried another stunt like that again. Blair apologized profusely, and begged Eric to give her another chance, while promising never to get ahead of herself again. After several moments of contemplation, Eric moved his cock back in front of Blair's open mouth and said, "Okay, bitch, let's see what you've got!!!"

Blair was in a state of sexual intoxication as the large head of Eric's cock slipped into her open mouth. Ever since she was a teenager and she sucked her first dick in the back seat of her boyfriend's car, Blair had the almost insatiable need to have erections in her mouth! At the present time she was between boyfriends, and after seeing Eric's ad in the paper, she was so driven by her need for oral sex, that she was willing to take the chance of meeting a total stranger! With the large head filling her mouth, she was ecstatic that her basic needs were now being fulfilled. Although she wasn't bisexual, if it meant taking care of Eric's wife, Vera, she would gladly do it to get her fill of hard pecker in her mouth! Eric had been sucked by hundreds of avid cocksuckers, but even he had to admit that Blair was close to being in a class by herself, because in a matter of minutes, she had brought him dangerously close to the edge of orgasm. Blair could always tell when a stud was ready to feed her, and Eric was no exception. As his nut sac tightened up, Blair could sense that the big erection had ever so slightly achieved a more intense hardness, a sure sign that she was about to receive a sperm milkshake! The loud groan that escaped from Eric's lips confirmed what Blair already knew, and seconds later her mouth was being jetted with blast after blast of the sweet nectar from deep inside Eric's balls! When the first spurt hit her throat, Blair felt a hand slip under her skirt and caress the wet lips of her vagina. Blair's own cunt convulsed as Vera's finger quickly found her erect clit and commenced giving her a fast hard fingering! Her own orgasm was flooding Vera's hand while Eric's penis filled her mouth with white hot cum! "My god," thought Blair, "I'm getting relief from both of them!"

While both Blair and Eric needed a little time to recuperate, Vera, on the other hand, was dripping wet and hot as a fire cracker! "Please, Eric," she begged, "let her suck me off, please, I need it so badly!!!" Eric glanced over at his wife, who by now had stripped off her panties and hiked up her skirt around her waist. She looked absolutely obscene with her legs spread wide apart and her cunt lips gaping open, as if they were pleading to be either fucked or eaten. "Okay, bitch," Eric ordered, "take care of her, now!!!" Blair slid across the floor to the now almost delirious woman and let her mouth come to rest on Vera's open crotch, causing her whole body shake as Blair's talented tongue licked up and down the length of her dripping crack. "Christ," moaned Vera, "she's even better than I had hoped for, I'm already gonna cum!!!" She looked over at her husband, who by now was getting another erection while watching his young wife getting her hot snatch devoured by this female sexual athlete, and just the sight of his hardon coupled with the intense oral persistence, resulted in a freight train like climax tearing through her helpless cunt like and express train at rush hour! When it was finally over, Vera lay back like a sack of potatoes, completely disheveled with a trickle of saliva dripping from the corner of her mouth.

< To Blair, sucking off Vera was like doing penance, the result being a second chance at sucking off Eric's big cock. He didn't even have to ask, she just slowly turned around and opened her mouth waiting. This was what she lived for, and it was about to be provided!!!

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